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Careers: Graphic Artisits

Position Title: Graphic Artists – Web & Social Media
Work Location: Online (work from home)
No. of Openings: 3

Preamble To The Needed Skills:

Designing has been the primary USP of Datakue till date. Visual design dominance is the only language that would be appealing to this organization. Having said that it does not mean use of flashy colours and loud texts only. Getting the right balance of corporate colours, perfect image that communicates a 1000 words, crisp fonts with the right attributes are mandatory.

Title Description:

The incumbent will be a graduate or post graduate in visual design or equivalent. The candidate must be smart, a great listener, highly organized and punctual in general.

Besides, the candidate must be a quicker learner and have clear understanding of the design processes in general, capable of understanding customer requirements and deliver on timely basis, thus communication skills must be excellent.

The nature of work involved would be producing graphics and illustrations for the print and web media including logos, layouts, various kinds of posters, eBooks, handouts, brochures, flyers and advertisements.

The candidate must possess excellent skills in software such as Adobe Photoshop, CorelDraw, Adobe After Effects, Adobe Premier, Final Cut Pro or any such suitable design software.

The candidate must be responsible for saving and consolidating all your work and testing your graphics across various media.

In overall, the candidate must have a creative flair with the strong ability to translate requirements into design, communicate well and working methodically.

Job Responsibilities:

1. Create ebooks, emagazines, enewsletters, product packaging design, brochures, flyers, logos / emblems, exhibition graphics, online event graphics, short videos and more.

2. Every graphic to ooze visual design dominance with the corporate theme, style and design language eminently.

3. Being part of all departments will be an essential part of your creative process as you will be required to work in tandem with the PR, Social media, business development team and the marketing team where the goal is to inspire and attract the target audience. All this must be done within given time frame.

4. The works produced & delivered will finally belong to the customers or the organization.

5. Organization’s social handle deliverables as per the calendar.

6. Contributing to the documentation of effective processes, following ISO SOPs.