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How about owning your private mall at the cost an estore? CoolCart is a full-featured eCommerce solution, with the advanced options to scale-up. 

The initial investment and readiness to kick-start a business quickly is crucial. CoolCart plays a major role in accommodating teething challenges and pave way for scaleup.

CoolCart scores to be the most prudential choice for eCommerce startups that includes custom branding, hosting, and maintenance for the first three years. As you grow advanced options such as CRM and Logistics tracking can be included without disturbing the existing business thus aiding in business  scaleup.

Developed indigenously CoolCart offers custom branding to order management, security, payment gateway, sale & discounts, products, etc.

  • CoolCart is built to resolve your entire ecommerce challenges with a host of 47 features.

Find out what are those 9 basic check-points for a successful ecommerce business startup.

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Preparing to Take-off

Before getting started, here are basic considerations to plan in the right direction.

  • ✦   Are you looking to start an eCommerce business?
  • ✦   Do you know the checkpoints that fulfill a successful eCommerce business?
  • ✦   Have you decided on the choice of your eCommerce technology platform?
  • ✦   Have you accounted for managed social media marketing service in your budget?

Why choose CoolCart?

  1. ✦   A Virtual Mall where you can sell multiple products in multiple stores in a single platform
  2. ✦   Complete ownership unlike growing subscription models these days
  3. ✦   Feature rich from branding to order management, security protocol to the payment gateways, sale to discounts, products management to order fulfillment, and more
  4. ✦   Cool Cart has a host of 47 features

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What is the USP of coolcart?

  • ✦   The most cost efficient product
  • ✦   Comprehensive features that can accommodate startup to scaleup like building blocks
  • ✦   Managed by experts

Initial investment and readiness to kick-start a business in a lesser turn around time is challenging from the technology stand point.

In fact it’s crucial for an entrepreneur’s decision making. CoolCart is built to resolve this challenge.

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