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About Us
Datakue unambiguous!

An organization that is on rapid growth track through a customer-centric value system, Datakue endeavours on developing good-will from every single transaction.

Datakue is primarily an IT - software development organization based in Bangalore, Karnataka, India. Datakue, founded in the year 2014 by award-winning entrepreneurs.

Datakue is spear-headed by three accomplished leaders from IT & Telecom Technology, Marketing and Finance backgrounds.

The company focuses on business process automation software.

Datakue has developed indigenous products, besides offering custom services as below.

Patiently pursue what matters, the most to you.

— Management

Datakue Dossier

We have grown steadily since inception as a company with a distinct culture and a penchant for delighting customers. This was possible due to our ethical and moral framework. Take a look at our dossier.

Putting technology and its latest advances to use for the SMEs, by boosting the productivity of human capital, the profitability of business offerings and improve turn-around time, with respect to communication to the target market.

  • To build and provide the best quality products and services that address the pain points of the customers.
  • To offer substantial technical support to the customer as corporate professional responsibility for our products and services.
  • To make our workplace a safe and happy environment for our stakeholders (directors, employees, shareholders, and vendors) to offer the needed support for our customers.

Commitment . Delivered

Every representative of Datakue would exhibit and operate under the following moral framework,

  • Customer's time is the most precious
  • The intent is problem solving
  • Transparency in every transaction
  • Cultivate a win-win relationship

Our Key Milestones

We are now 49 in team size!

Our Work Place

Datakue is an equal opportunity employer. Our work environment has been given sufficient thought in terms of culture, safety, health, and mental well-being.

Three basic elements form our pillars of strength. They are,

The employees' relationship in the workplace, is managed by the HR team, by continuously reinforcing the organization's culture and ethical practices.

Secondly, our workplace safety in terms of physical, chemical and other hazardous material is being taken care of by employing regular administration and installation of appropriate infrastructure.

We creatively encourage employees' health through in-office perks such as fruit bowl, clean drinking water, no smoking office, and refreshment areas.

The most important of all is our employees' mental well-being, for which we promote a variety of stress-free engagements regularly.

Datakue's Social Initiatives
We believe in sustainable community development that contributes to the country's economy eventually. As a team and as individuals we contribute by volunteering our time and money broadly under the following areas,

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