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Datakue offers an enriching career path through interesting yet challenging job roles that synchronizes your growth with our organization. The management is adventurous and implements new working methods.

The cream of the crop is always finite.

We look for talent, tenacity, dedication, and devotion to work. We expect our team to produce awesomeness that delights our customers'. We do not accept half-hearted attempts. With no compromise, we choose a small fraction of the incumbents.

"My Work-Week®" is the most innovative program by Datakue HR team that is inclusive and futuristic in approach. It is by far the most creative method in the recruitment industry.

"My Work-Week®" provides for both the organization and the aspirant employee or intern to work with each other for a week in a given environment. Later the HR and the aspirant employee or the intern will together decide to move to the next steps based on the roles and responsibilities specific experience.

If you have it in you, then you know how to get our attention.

Skills, so needed and so sparse.

— HR & Talent Acquisition Team

Our Recruitment Process

"Spring Intake" on account_circle till December 2019

My Work Week®

We conduct recruitment of interns twice a year for this "My Work Week®" program, which presents an opportunity for all students irrespective of academic excellence.

"My Work Week®" is not a straight appointment, however. The candidates are chosen based on their performance. The selected candidates will work for two weeks in our environment. All candidates are evaluated on the job during this "My Work Week®" period that may lead to employment.

The list of opportunities exclusive to "My Work Week®" is provided below. Final year undergraduate students of all streams, are eligible to apply for My Work Week® 2020. The work period will be from 25th May 2020 to 5th June 2020.

Sl. No.DepartmentNo. of Positions
1Sales Support15
2Partner Support5
3Marketing Support1
4Content Development3
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Current Opportunities

Datakue offers several perks to the right candidate, who adapts to our core value system. Here is the list of opportunities for becoming part of our Datakue team.

Sl. No.DepartmentNo. of Positions
3HR & Training2
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