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Our Privacy Policy
It is non-negotiatble!

We understand the price of safety is the loss of privacy. Our compliance to the provisions of the law, extends to the workplace safety and protection, including the usage of our website.

Datakue understands the importance of privacy in today’s digital age. There is no general law for a company to have a privacy policy at all times in India. We are aware of the possible liability scenarios to an individual when there is no policy in place.

Datakue has outlined what constitutes a breach, besides the process and the option to appeal for a remedy. The kinds of a breach that Datakue can handle.

According to the Information Technology Act, 2000 and the amendment to the Information Technology Act 2009, basic privacy and data protection provisions were introduced to govern various issues relating to the internet, maintenance of websites, and eCommerce.

We strongly focus on, your privacy.

— Legal Team

Who We Are

Datakue is primarily, a Bangalore India based software development company. Our official websites are and

Our privacy policy governs only our products and services offered online. Therefore, it is relevant to all the transactions carried out on our websites limited to our products or services only.

By visiting or using our websites, you understand, agree, and abide by the terms of our privacy policy. This privacy policy has been last updated on December 6th, 2019.

However, when the transactions are carried out in our office, our workplace safety and protection guidelines apply, which governs our employees, contractual staff, customers, and visitors.

Abuse & Remedy

We take "abuse" very seriously. Whether it is our website user being troubled by our team or vice versa

What abuse means to us?

Any act of verbal or physical nature, being forcibly thrust upon by one person to another, is what we define as abuse.

The abuse policy governs our customers and our employees, when directly engaged, in an act of breaching the personal boundary of one or more parties, despite direct or specific refusal by the other.

In case of any form of abuse, here are the steps to follow.

List of Abuse
Misuse of Personal Data
  • Selling your data with us to a third-party
  • Misuse of your deposited photograph, which potentially leads to maligning your identity
  • Demanding for or capturing your photograph in mobile or any electronic devices, without any official requirement intimation or against your refusal
Unauthorized Personal Contact
  • Attempting to make personal contact outside the official purpose, despite your refusal
  • Visiting you without your consent, in your living place
  • Verbal abuse including being suggestive, or physical abuse while and during an officially scheduled appointment
Misrepresentation of Service
  • Demanding or taking cash in the name of the organization to speed up your transaction process or any business-related promises by our employees
  • Asking for password to your credit card, bank account, social media account, email ID, etc. of such nature.

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