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Websites are the tool and means for business communication, everyday lifestyle utility, and infotainment medium today.

Besides the technological evolution of the world wide web and it's application, the design aspect of websites has now emerged into a discipline and an industry by itself.

With the advent of social media, the boundary has extended and integrated for inter-operability and cross-functions.

We have enumerated our capabilities in web designing below.

Design is intelligence made visible.

— Web Design Team

The Crux

Professional web design, is broadly classified into 5 sections besides, information engineering. Based on the complexity and time-scale of the requirement, a team or an individual works on the project.

Navigation design or information schema is the primary element for any human device interaction design. A website design gets intricate according to the size of the website. Hence, heavy content-oriented websites are built using a content management system (CMS) such as WordPress, Joomla, PHP-Fusion, etc. A CMS comes with a built-in navigation engine that helps to design information architecture for larger websites. These have to be built to be receptive to scale-up by external contributors, through comments and blogs. In other cases, a simple schema is sufficient.

As the name goes "layout" gives a definite structure to the content and images for a website. This is the skeleton of a website, that aides in recognizing the pattern to process quickly, on elements and objects that need primary focus.

A picture is worth a thousand words. Today, the server and the browser technologies are highly advanced to allow the designers to create magic on a website. Hence, web graphics design plays a vital role to visually impress and appeal the visitors within the first 5 seconds.

An interface is how any user controls the computer software applications or any device. This is popularly called UI design which is an amalgamation of arts, maths, psychology, and engineering. For more understanding about the user interface, click here.

When an information schema, layout, and graphics (visual design) to an interface are in perfect synchrony, it results in smooth operation by a user. Such a phenomenon is called user-friendliness. The higher the user-friendly quotient is, the better the user experience is.

Our Capabilities

We have a set practice for web design service that takes care of the entire gamut of the process involved. It’s a clockwork for our team and our practice has earned us many prestigious recognitions.

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