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Upgrade your website into an online store or automate your business process through software applications by adding function to its existing form.

Web development is about giving function to your chosen form (branding and design) of your website, without compromising on the aesthetics.

Popular scripting languages are PHP, Perl, Python, Ajax, Angular JS, CSS, HTML, javascript, etc which are browser-based and server-based technologies are used to develop lag-free functions.

A database such as MySQL or MS SQL, etc are the primary part of the web development process.

A database is a foundation for dynamic and function-oriented websites, application systems, and portals.

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The Crux

Web development is usually associated with applications driven by a database. Here are the major aspects involved in the development of a website application.

This section has five aspects to it that are elaborated here.

Based on the objective of the application to be developed, the information schema would be designed using the database, which comprises of data tables. These data tables would contain retrievable information. A good database architecture will have well defined primary keys, relationships, and normalization as the top 3 rules.

These scripting languages are becoming more and more popular these days. Using client-side scripting reduces the load on server processing. This improves the performance of the website. Typical examples are form validation elements such as the list of countries or states, industry or sector, empty field, alpha-numeric fields, etc.

This technology is used for processing requests to servers where non-public information items reside in a database and that are accessed through a request, as in a typical scenario such as login and password. Of course, the application of server-side scripting is beyond login credentials verification. Here is where the database architecture and design would play a vital role in serving the information.

A website security is about protecting your website and its associated database from hackers, virus or any unauthorized malicious actions. Web development is only complete when there is two-way protection in terms of, protecting the website and preventing the spread of unwanted scripts. This is called cybersecurity.

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