9 basic check-points for a successful ecommerce business start-up

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- By Double Dots Team

Starting an ecommerce venture is as interesting and an equally tedious task.

To get started on the right foot, here are 9 crucial considerations and check-points. This would help you to make a good start, if  aspiring to become an ecommerce business owner.

1. Products

You have two choices on the products that you would like to sell online. You can either manufacture them or get it custom made for your brand. This is the primary decision that will define your profitability and process complexity.

2. Target Market

This has two aspects. Study your geography, including the product segment and currently available competitors.

3. Marketing Plan

You have three choices. Become a vendor for eCommerce giants like Amazon, or set up your e-store or do both. Being a part of eCommerce giants has its benefits. It’s the best way to litmus test your product need in the market besides perfecting the package. You may also develop a good network with logistics vendors to various locations, including those outside your purview of geography.

4. Technology Platform

You have two choices. Either do it yourself or leave it to the experts.

5. Social Media Marketing

You have two choices again. Either do it yourself or leave it to the experts.

6. Payments

It is handy to offer a variety of digital payments and cash on delivery options. The latter is dependent on your logistics partner.

7. Order Fulfillment

There is only one choice. Sign up with a network of service providers who deliver to your target geography.

8. Customer Care

An after-sales contact that offers remedy for delayed delivery, damaged product, and refund of goods.

9. Budget

You know how to do this.

Caution! Provide for damages and pilferage too.