Why your business is begging for a CRM?


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- By Double Dots Team

If you want to scale up your business, prioritize growth, and dominate the extremely competitive market, you need a CRM. It helps you automate mundane repetitive business tasks, freeing up your workforce to take care of more pressing matters. A CRM is your smart solution to scale up sustainably and increase profit margins.

"Why do I need to learn to use a new software when I have been getting-by perfectly for all this time with excel, CSV files, and good old-fashioned paper?"

Here are 7 uncompromising reasons your business needs CRM now!

1. Communication tracking

 A CRM automatically enables complete tracking of all digital communication with your leads, prospects, and customers. 

2. Targeted marketing

Create robust individual profiles for every lead, depending on any number of factors. This allows you to segregate all leads and previous customers in a specialized manner, allowing you to target specific types of leads with tailor-made marketing campaigns.

3. Capturing leads

A CRM automatically captures the lead’s information from web forms on your sites and social media handles. You can stop manually entering leads data and get to reaching out to them right away!

4. Send bulk emails easily

A CRM allows you to automate bulk email tasks with the utmost ease. Target customized groups and send emails in bulk with the push of a button.

5. Collaboration

One of the most significant advantages of a CRM solution over Excel is the ability to collaborate with multiple users. Sales managers can take a load off their shoulders by assigning leads to reps with ease.

6. Customized reports

Create and view customized reports, statistical data on sales, profit margins, marketing campaign effectiveness, and a lot more. The possibilities are endless.

7. Scalability

CRMs in-built business intelligence will magnify up-sells, alert follow-ups, push notifications, and more allowing you to scale up optimally, which a spreadsheet can never do.

Old methods in today’s fast paced age of competition do not hold up. To top-up, not opting for a CRM leaves you at a clear disadvantage.