Are you using “Zero Error” solution?

Are you using “Zero 

 Error” solution?

Become a Zero Error, no pilferage, data driven, process oriented, result focused, prompt in response and higher profit-making business with EnteGreater ERP.

Get digitalized!

You may be an MSME or SME. With our world class ERP on cloud at an affordable offer, you can manage the business at your fingertips, anywhere, anytime, 24×7.

Do you believe that you need to hire best employees, to produce best results all this while?


  • You need best systems and processes for your employees to give their best performance and better productivity.

    EnteGreater is the only ERP you will ever need to run, monitor and manage your business from anywhere, anytime. You can integrate your favourite apps too. It is simple to use and easy to get trained in less than 3 days by all levels of employees.

You may be an MSME or SME. With our world class ERP on cloud at an affordable offer, you can manage the business at your fingertips, anywhere, anytime, 24×7.

Unleash your business potential!

Unleash your 

 business potential!

EnteGreater ERP is a suite of 64 features, that addresses all challenges faced by the industrialists on daily basis.

Top 5 Challenges

  • 1. Complex business procedure
  • 2. Error prone manual data entry & repetitive tasks
  • 3. Lack of customer information
  • 4. Lack of communication between departments
  • 5. To-the-minute business information

EnteGreater is a SaaS product specifically developed for the MSMEs and small enterprises.

  • This has been the buzz word for the past decade and it will be for the next decade too. Although it’s a common word like “Y2K” used to be in the 90’s, digitization is rather an omni requirement for businesses of all kinds, sizes and locations.
  • Before getting into the details, ask yourself this primary question …

Why go digital at all?

  • This is no rocket science either. Instead, it’s just a matter of knowing the details already or knowing now from here, from this very same source that you are going through right now.

Simple 3 Words Answer

It’s the future

Descriptive Answer

Businesses that have kept themselves adept with technologies have found growth in some form or the other. They did not stagnate and hence cleverly escaped from not only becoming obsolete but survived all kinds of economic turmoils. They have the intelligent insights to prepare for the rainy-day such as recessions and pandemics.

  • Digital technology not necessarily mean expense. There are so many available for free. All free stuff need not be good or bad. Amazingly, digital technologies are not only great, but they are also mostly free.
  • Humans cannot live for 100+ years. But businesses can. They have been around for 100+ years and there are quite a few existing. What is the secret? It’s about the vision of the business leader.
  • The vision that is open to change, adopt new methods to changing world including the environment. In 2023, a business must adopt digital technologies to get digitized, then digitalized and totally digitally transform in order to prepare for a long run.
  • To know about the difference in various digital technology adoption stages click here.

Knowledge Corner

What is “zero error” company?

By choosing appropriate, innovative and business model specific technologies, an organization can be elevated to become a zero error company.

The objective is to essentially have a no-pilferage, highly optimized raw materials usage, efficiently utilizing the work force, full production capacity utilization and optimal energy consumption for maximum production output can be achieved.

This is necessarily formulating a custom solution exercise specific to an organization.

What is an ERP?

ERP as popularly known is Enterprise Resource Planning in its full form, is a software used for managing daily operations such as production, project management, accounting, supply chain, risks and compliance, etc.

Why do you need an ERP?

Any organization would require their business functions such as sales & marketing, operations, HR and finance to be in synchrony. This directly contributes to predict and analyze the business performance. The analytics will help manage operations without delay.

You can foresee any delays in procurement due to cost fluctuations that might directly impact the customer. This can be handled with timely intervention besides managing the vendors with ease with a centralized organization policy.

By setting centralized policies, your audit and compliance are made across all transactions.

Popular ERP brands

Some of the poplar ERP brands you might have come across regularly are Oracle, SAP, etc. who are the pioneers in the industry.