Do you have your employees daily-info at fingertips?

Do you have your employees

daily-info at fingertips?

Are you depending on someone or something semi-automated? Be it a manufacturing or a service industry, human capital plays a vital role in all departments

Get digitalized!

The pandemic changed the working landscape and companies have adopted hybrid work mode.

Yet there are many roles that requires field work. Presenting Logsafe, an easy to use small foot print HRMS app with geo tagging, tracking and 20+ powerful features.

Know your employee whereabouts!

Know your

employee whereabouts!

  • Logsafe HRMS is one of the fastest growing SaaS based HRMS software that is Android and iOS ready. See for yourself the results of just 18 months of after launch and how Logsafe HRMS is helping organizations.

18 months Logsafe statistics!

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Get real-time feedback 24/7

Get real-time

feedback 24/7

The sectors listed below need to beware of their employee movements to serve their customers, plan resources prudently, besides protecting themselves and their employees if needed. They are,

  • 1. Security & surveillance
  • 2. Real estate & construction
  • 3. Healthcare & hospitals
  • 4. Schools & universities
  • 5. Manufacturing
Hence, having total control on employee productivity, in-office and on-duty movements, leave and attendance pattern, etc. is a necessity than desirability.

Knowledge Corner

What is HRMS?

The full form of HRMS is Human Resource Management System. It encompasses your entire process of managing your employees working day including earnings, through a system driven data approach.

Here is the more descriptive meaning from Wikipedia on what HRMS is all about.

When you consider an HRMS solution, make it an objective to automate most of the mundane tasks of your HR professional and use their competencies for better purpose.

HRMS India Market Size

As a fast-growing industry, HRMS has grown leaps and bounds from seeking relevance to gaining prominence day by day  in  a  labour

driven macro economic nation like India.

The estimated market size of HR technology is around US$1.5 billion in India only.

Of the top 6 trends in the HR field, “HRMS solution” is in the 2nd level with the emerging creative methods of working model.

Despite pandemic, the human resources industry has grown 21% at a compounded rate since 2018.

Guide to Choose

An HRMS software typically used to mean payroll management only. Today, it’s different.

One needs to consider compliance, scalability, features, security, data access & storage, ease of use, support and 3rd party integrations.

The price ranges from Rs.12/- to Rs.8250/- per month depending upon the features or functions. There are three kinds of pricing.

  • a. User per month
  • b. User per month + platform cost
  • c. User per month + features plan cost
  • With a huge disparity in price range, how to narrow down? An ideal HRMS software must have atleast these 6 features given below.
  • 1. Employee onboarding
  • 2. Attendance & leave management
  • 3. Geo tagging & geofencing
  • 4. Employee tracking
  • 5. Payroll with statutory
  • 6. MIS & analytics
  • Price range from Rs.150/- to Rs.450/- per month with above recommended features.