Quality Policy

Quality Policy

Ultimately, it’s all about delivering the commitment that matters in the business world! How do we deliver our promise? Quality is the foundation on which our organization is built to deliver. Our quality policy governs our products and services offered online and offline together.


The quality policy is usually reviewed in February and gets updated in March if any amendments were carried out, for publishing on the anniversary.

We follow ISO 9001:2015 certified quality management process since 2020. The certifying body is Quality Veritas Certification Limited, UK. Our certifying agency adheres to the Scotland Accreditation Forum norms.


    • ✦   Quality means meeting our customers and partners expectations
    • ✦   Our quality process encompasses meeting relevant safety and privacy standards
    • ✦   We are committed to continuous improvement in terms of process efficiency and quality delivery
    • ✦   We are committed to complying with all the legal, statutory, and environmental requirements through the adoption of new methods

Team Liability

  • ✦   Every team member is liable to deliver the customer expectations, or industry standards, or Datakue’s own standards, which ever is higher
  • ✦   Accountable for the quality process and timely delivery equally
  • ✦   Customer expectations supersede all standards at the time of delivery

Delivery Process

  • ✦   Requirement detailing & approval
  • ✦   Prototype development & approval
  • ✦   Beta testing & approval
  • ✦   Pre delivery tests conform to the industry standards or client expectations
  • ✦   Final delivery

We have a review timetable with the desired targets and current targets that would serve the purpose of quality improvement.

Besides, we have a variety of quality certifications that signifies security, environment and energy, safe work place, anti-plagiarism, content protection, etc. Because we know, quality demands diligence, rigor, adherence and compliance.